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Law & Go is a Brussels-based non-profit association that was established to aide several activities related to international mobility, specifically the social integration, and the education of immigrants/expats. The association examines the legal issues of international mobility and general immigration, focusing on business immigration and improving the competency of immigrants by introducing them to multicultural programs in the national and international environment. We support and agree with the aims of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union and we strongly promote European mobility and youth professional mobility inside the European Union. We cooperate with Lexial Law Firm specializing in business immigration and international mobility, with offices in Brussels, Paris and Geneva. We also cooperate with different consultant firms specialized in international mobility. We maintain good work relations with European institutions and public bodies working in the field of international law, EU law, human rights, and immigration law. We organize professional and informal events related to international mobility, such as conferences, seminars, multicultural programmes, non-formal education trainings, and exchange programmes. We also organize regular study visits to various institutions and public bodies for young lawyers from different countries. We send participants to different EU funded training sessions all around the European Union and we host training sessions and seminars in Brussels. We publish studies and scientific documents related to international mobility and its legal aspects. We promote human rights education and the immigrants’ right to be an equal part of society with language courses and by providing the necessary information and legal aid to help their social integration.